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Hail the Hatter

Hail the Hatter

Hail the Hatter


Hail the Hatter is a band formed in Trinidad and Tobago in the year 2016. The band is made up of Jonathan “Master of Mastery” Boos (Vocals), Dax “Breaker of Worlds” Cartar (Guitars), Devin “Scourge of the Sonnet” Harry Paul (Bass, Back up Vocals), and Nicolai “Beater of Skins” Assam (Drums).

All the members of the band have long histories in rock and roll, and came together with the intent of creating rock music filled with the fun, and showmanship that they felt had been lost from rock music the world over.

Applying the rule that no idea is too crazy or too different when writting, the band endeavours to create a music filled with the sounds that influenced them all while adding their own twist, and modern sensibilities.

Hail the Hatter is determined to create music that not only makes you bang your head, but also makes you smile, and drink everything in the bar. Cause after all, we are a 10 drink minimum band!


Phone: (868) 799-0634