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In March 2015, Dexter met Logan at a See Tai party at La Vega Estate and asked him if he and Dominic still played music, not with the intention of forming a band but just to take a jam. They ended up jamming and it was pretty effortless and fun, and after a few jams had written the core of about 3 songs but didn’t have a bassist. Dexter sent around a recording of one of the songs to a few people including Aaron. He figured Aaron would recommend someone who could play bass, but to his surprise, it turned out Aaron was interested in playing bass himself. The opportunity presented itself to play a show called Borde Room Blitz at Shakers on the Avenue in August that year and after that, there was no doubt they were a band.


Logan Steuart
Dominic De Gannes
Aaron Lowchewtung
Dexter Banfield

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