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Tripped and Falling was Chad Affonso, Barry Bibby, Gerard Mendonça, Dexter Banfield and Ryan Khan. With three no. 1 hits and thousands of fans in their homeland of Trinidad and Tobago you would think that Tripped and Falling were crazy to drop everything they had in pursuit of bigger musical dreams.

The year 2006 saw a band that left their Caribbean island full of fans, success, loved ones and family and jumped on a plane to the UK taking with them, only their clothes, guitars and their brand new full length album ‘Victoria’.

‘Victoria’, an incredibly strong punk rock album, marking the tremendous growth and musical maturity of Tripped and Falling. The first single off the album ‘Bleed Victoria’ went to no. 1 on the local charts a mere 2 weeks after its release.

‘Victoria’ was one of the most passionate and powerful releases to come from any band of its era. Coupled with the most amazing live set, full of energy and raw power, you would be hard pressed to find a band with as much passion, drive and persona as this one.

– Single ‘In Tears and Bad Endings’ # 1 in NOV 2003 for over 5 weeks on top radio stations Hott 93.5fm and 95.1fm.
– Single ‘End is Now’ # 1 in 2004 for over 3 weeks on Hott 93.5fm.
– Single ‘Bleed Victoria’ #1 over 4 weeks on 95.1fm.
– Opening slots for US / International bands, LIT, Skid Row, Dokken, Nightranger, Hells Bells, and Elevation.
– Website built by the fans and later converted to band’s official site, www.trippedandfalling.com
– Hometown show attendance of 700+ people
– Numerous Radio and Television spot appearances.

– “Ashes and Ember” played frequently on Kerrang TV in the UK in 2006-2007 between videos by Metallica and My Chemical Romance.

– Taste of Chaos 2006 (Nottingham, UK) – International Battle of The Bands Winner https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Taste_of_Chaos_2006#/2006_line_up

– Feature in UK Metal Hammer Magazine in April 2007.


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