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RXF is the abbreviation for Renovatio Ex Favilla, which, translated from latin means “Rebirth from the ashes.” The band’s name is symbolized by it’s logo, which shows the phoenix rising from the ashes from the Egyptian City of Heliopolis being reborn (as per Egyptian mythology). This represents rebirth, resilience and immortality. The aspect of rebirth is also subtly emphasized by the embossment of the Eye of Horus in the middle pyramid.

These qualities embody the music of RXF as the band creates songs of epic proportions, with the intention of their music to be everlasting. These elements are also reflective of the band itself as an entity, as it has undergone many changes in its line up since its inception in 2009, but like fine wine, the band has gotten better with time.

RXF is currently playing and producing music, and eagerly awaits the opportunity to be officially signed to a label, so that the band’s music can break into the international arena.


Darren Siewnarine (“Bob”) – Bass & Vocals

Shivanand Dookhoo (“Shiv”) – Drums/Percussion

Vashist Gyan – Guitar

Clayton Bunraj – Guitar & Vocals



Agency Darren Siewnarine - Manager

Phone (868) 770-2408

Email darrensiewnarine@gmail.com

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