The Astral Garden

Trinidad //



Band Members

Mike Ross – Vocals
Joel Beazer – guitar
Jeff Hudson – Bass
Avery – Drums
The pure blend of 70’s rock and punk fused with original writing and charismatic showmanship makes this band a truly exciting and electrifying act. Founded by Beazer and Ross after a few inspiring evenings in the valley of Santa Cruz, Trinidad; The Astral Garden made their debut with a phenomenal demo “A recipe for thought” featuring local hit “The Sparrow”, alongside songs of suicide, love and despair produced by respected frontman of Jointpop and good friend Gary Hector. It is not an over statement that the chemistry of Ross and Beazer reminisces the true rock listener to the likes of Tyler and Perry, Iggy and the Stooges and hints of Page and Plant. “It’s a bold step being from the island of calypso, steelpan and soca, its just that we can’t be any other way…this is just who we are, it just takes a lot of balls and patience” admits Beazer.

“We just need the opportunity to play bigger festivals, and showcase that there are real rock’n’roll bands here in the Caribbean.”


Phone (868) 783-5040, (868) 347-6391

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