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Beyond The Animus was formed in 2016 to create heavier, atmospheric, and brutal music than anything in Trinidad & Tobago. The band’s music is influenced by different styles of music including but not limited too Progressive, Ambient, Djent, Melodic Deathcore, Death Metal, Brutal Slamming Death Metal.

The band was formed in the summer of 2016 with founding members Donovan Bartoo, Giovanni Villafana, and Bradley Gras. After meeting one year prior as friends they realized they had a similar taste in music and wanted to form a band that would be brutal, melodic, and electrifying. After the first couple of practices the band clicked, and immediately they knew what they were going for.

It took a while to find the right drummer that could pull off all the intricate patterns and variations required. But luckily the band met Kester D’Arnaud who was the right man for the job with a strong backbone, and the energy the music required.

Their first show with Kester was “GET THRASHED”. at Skyy View Lounge on July 8th, 2017. Things went amazing for that show as the energy received from the crowd was intense. The following day, their debut single “The Fallacy of Sickness” went to Number 1 on the Island Jammers Billboards. The band was floored and thankfull for the support they had received.

As the band started writting more with Kester, he helped add different styles into the music, such as influences of Black Metal in the yet unreleased song C.H.F.O.P., and Technical Death Metal in Own Born Flesh. “Lost in Tranquility” was then written by Giovanni and Donovan.

With enough backing from the metal community and especially bands such as Bound To Oblivion and Mindscape Laboratory the band threw their first show “PURE ADRENALINE” on October 14th, 2017 in the mindset of throwing a very different show, which included some of the most brutal bands all in one night, including artists such as Klavium, Djinn, and Remix E. Ryder. They plan to make this an annual event.

In November 2017 the band hit the studio with producer Sanjeev (Buck) Bahadursingh at Mantra Music to start their E.P. “PERCEPTION BEYOND DUALITY”. One month later a new guitarist Johan Subeeksingh joined the band to make their sound complete.


Bradley Gras (Vocals)

Donovan Bartoo (Lead Guitar and Vocals)

Giovanni Villafana (Bass)

Johan Subeeksingh (Rhythm Guitar)

Kester D’Arnaud (Drums)




Phone Bradley-(868) 282-6366 Donovan-(868) 371-9697

Email beyondtheanimustnt@gmail.com

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