Shay Grey

Trinidad //



Shanice Juman – Vocals/Guitar

Randy Rambally – Vocals/Drums

Timothy Kowlessar – Lead Guitar

Ryan Ragoonanan – Bass

This is the band, Shay Grey, and they’ve been together for a few years. With Lead Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist/Songwriter, Shanice Juman, and Drummer/Lead Vocalist/Songwriter, Randy Rambally, this duo has amazing chemistry. Musical soulmates, if you will. They have a smooth balance of alternative rock and adult contemporary. They also even throw in some country and indie folk. With Shanice’s sultry, smooth voice, and Randy’s husky tone, it’s the perfect combination, like chocolate and strawberries. Whether it’s in a Wedding, Casino, Night Club, Bar, Concert, or a Sweet 16 Birthday party, they are always ready to play a gig and have fun! Playing alongside them, is newly joined lead guitarist, Timothy Kowlessar, who also meshes with them perfectly with his skillful playing, complementing both their voices. Joining them, is bassist, Ryan Ragoonanan, who although is a rhythm guitarist, picked up the bass and works his magic. Their main goal is to get that record deal and be musicians for the rest of their lives, while also reaching people with their music . Music to them, is the air that they breathe, the words that they speak, and the words that are spoken back to them. They strongly believe that it chose them, and it will forever remain imprinted in their hearts.

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