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If you’re looking for heavy music in Suriname, you are most likely to come across the band ASYLUM. ASYLUM is a Surinamese metal band which plays a mixture of Metalcore and heavy/groove metal with some hints of the Surinamese culture. We like to call it SRANANGMETAL says lead vocalist Romeo Nanhekhan. The band is also strongly influenced by other bands such as Lamb of God, Pantera, Gojira, Killswitch Engage,Korn etc.

ASYLUM was formed in 2012, when lead guitarist Owen Junker and drummer Jose Terhoeven from former band SHADOWS AT DAWN decided to start a new project. Driven by their passion for music and the love for all things heavy, they began looking for new members. In January 2012 the duo was joined by Romeo Nanhekhan who Owen actually met in the TELESUR cafeteria and noticed his aggressive voice a few years back. It was the same month the group was joined by bassist Andre Jantz after meeting with Owen at a local metal show and “just wanted to jam out says Andre. The group then formed the four man juggernaut that is ASYLUM, who rapidly gained underground notice thanks to their impressive live performance and energy.

The band has released singles such as Dies na mi kondre, Ascension and Enslaved earlier 2016 and is currently getting studio hours in for their upcoming single Feti. The band will also be working on their first video clip in the near future.

Recently the band made two announcements. One of them being that the band will be joined by former IMPRESSIONS guitarist Chesron Yard. It’s an honor to join ASYLUM says Chesron. And the other one is that one of the founding members Owen will be leaving the band for studies overseas.


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