Vox Deus

Trinidad // Trinidad



Vox Deus was one of Trinidad’s top metal acts that continued to push the boundaries of what was considered ‘metal’ in the Trinidad rock scene from 2005-2012. With influences from death to progressive, nu-metal to soca, Vox Deus managed to craft a unique sound which often left most local rock fans referring to the band as the ‘local system of a down’. After years of attempting to define their genre of music, Vox Deus settled on inventing their own genre of music called Manicore which is equal parts Manicou and Metalcore.

The band managed to build a significant following partly due to never taking themselves too seriously in an era when many bands were attempting to be as ‘metal’ as possible. Known for their legendary energetic stage performance, including but limited to fluorescent clothing, chili costumes, gerard’s famous ‘granny pants’, terrible jokes, spin kicks, splits, putting pinch harmonics in everything, ninja costumes, and accidental and totally unplanned synchronized head banging – Vox was also able to command the crowd in a manner not seen for many years in the local rock scene.


Matthew Coelho – Vocals

Nikolas Khan – Lead Guitar

Gerard Ferreira – Rhythm Guitar

Jonathan ‘Sundar’ Nelson – Bass

Nicholai Assam – Drums

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