Mindscape Laboratory

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Mindscape Laboratory is a continuous progressive experiment that was first formulated during the latter half of 2011. Their abstract blend of sound can be described as a spectrum of heavy rhythmic time changes fused together with tranquillising and hypnotic undertones.

Mindscape Laboratory aims to retain a level of technicality within their song-writing while still achieving a captivating ambience that is an expression of their inner inspirations. These are  based on a multiplicity of varying elements, from reflections on the vastness of consciousness, to coordinated systems of oppression, strife and the realm of the unknown.

Mindscape Laboratory is intent on pushing the boundaries within their genre and is insistent on creating an overall immersive musical experience.



Sean Simon – Bass

Matthew Coelho – Vocals

Aaron Ramkalawan – Guitars

Sanjeev Bahadursingh – Guitars

Keshav Bahadursingh – Synth

Avery Heeralal – Drums


Email mindscape.laboratory@gmail.com

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