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Formed in 2011, Goodnight Parliament represented the coming together of five friends from Trinidad and Tobago who had known each other through a web of small-island social ties. The original line-up was Luke Edwards – lead vocals, Shane de Silva – lead guitar, Geleon De Freitas – rhythm guitar, Stuart Gillezeau – drums and Darren Pierre – bass guitar. All of the members had been in various musical projects before and wanted to wanted to be part of something that would contribute to a re-awakening of the local music scene and therefore came together to form a band which would play music which could not be found locally at the time. Goodnight Parliament is a grunge-metal band that pulls heavy influence from the post-grunge and hardcore rock genres, sighting bands such as Chevelle, Tool, Thrice, Soungarden and Pantera. In a world full of 4-chord formations and verse-chorus repetitions, Goodnight Parliament strive to push boundaries and blur the standardised lines of musical genres.

In late 2013 Darren Pierre left the band to pursue other efforts more fully and was replaced by Jerome Girdharrie (of Jointpop and Fever Dog) with whom they recorded their first full length studio album in 2015. The album, Shadow Puppet, is due to be released in mid-2016. Girdharrie also left the band to pursue other personal projects in early 2016 and was replaced by Devin Harry Paul. In early 2016, Goodnight Parliament have moved practice spaces, hired proper management and re-consolidated the line-up of the band with their original bassist; with the up-coming launch of Shadow Puppet, the band is looking forward to launching forward into new songs and an expanding public presence.


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