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LYNCHPiN came together in 2009 out of a desire to create heavier music and return the attitude, spirit and energy of the 90s local rock atmosphere to the present community. With its members’ backgrounds rooted in various metal genres including death metal, thrash and metalcore, while being inspired by bands such as Death, Pantera, Sevendust and Meshuggah,LYNCHPiN grew into its own blend of deathcore, djent and groove.

2014 has been a year of exciting developments for the band: In February, LYNCHPiN was featured in Metal Underground’s article on ‘Black/Caribbean’ Metal bands. Following this, the band was recognized by Global Metal Apocalypse, with their single ‘For You’ being included in No Remorse Records/Global Metal Apocalypse’s compilation of 128 metal bands from around the world.

The band is also released their first EP ‘God Complex’ on June 28th 2015  after having just completed and released their first music video, for the aforementioned ‘For You’. The band also continues to promote their music across the globe.

Winning the Wacken Metal Battle Caribbean in early 2016, the band competed at the Wacken Metal Battle in Germany receiving positive reviews and making new fans from all over the world.

LYNCHPiN remains driven to develop the Caribbean rock community, evolve their sound and spread their music as far as possible.


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Phone 762-2944

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