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An Alternative Rock band with a dash of Caribbean flavor, Imaginary Friends has been making immense strides in the local music industry. The Band Imaginary Friends was officially formed in September 2013, by Joon Silvermoon. During their short time in existence the band has become very popular and is very well known throughout  Trinidad and Tobago for their profound music and energetic performances. Over the last three years, the band released original music that has topped the Indigenous Charts for weeks. In 2015 they won the title of “Best Band of the Year” and in 2016, performed in Canada on the Club One New Releases TV Show, which was aired in Canada as well as the United States. Although the band is well known as an alternative rock band, they have proven to be very versatile over the years and performs a wide genre of music for all occassions.


Agency Wendy Ramcharitar - Manager

Phone Joon Silvermoon 299-2193/ Wendy Ramcharitar 359-0693

Email thebandimaginaryfriends@gmail.com

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