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The Absence of I began in 2007 when two old comrades and veterans from the Trinidad and Tobago Rock scene, Peter Lord and Shive Seebaransingh (Drummer and Guitarist respectively), agreed to form a new band. This band, nameless at the time (and would remain so for a number of years), would then include Raees Rahim, a then workmate of Shiva’s who came to see the project as a friend, and due to his enthusiasm upon seeing it, was asked to join the band one year after its creation. Even though he had never played in a band before, and had never even played bass guitar; only having played guitar as a personal hobby. He got the hang of it quickly, to the point where he could more than keep up with the original two.

This nameless trio would then continue writting music as well as sharpening their individual and combined skill sets, all the while looking for a vocalist, but to no avail. By the time Anil Ragoonath came along (many auditions later), the trio had already fleshed out an album and was heavily in the process of recording it themselves, having established their own personal techniques and playing styles. Anil then named the band The Absence of I (Meaning having no individuality or ego), having taken on the challenge of making the written songs his own.

The Absence of I has a very unique-but-still-rock-style, with influences that are as varying as they are eclectic. From 80’s Heavy Metal to East Indian Classical; with varios unexpected stops in between, quite a few of them being domestic. They hope to raise the bar with regards to the level of musicianship in the twin island they call home, as well as to expose people to all of the different styles and sub-styles of rock, blending and infusing it with world influences.



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