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The Generals are a fusion band formed in Trinidad with the common goal of creating new and exciting music. The band blends reggae, rock, dancehall, drum and bass and soca into their innovative sound. The members believe that music should touch an emotional chord with all listeners and make them dance too.

The band was formed in 2004 and has played numerous gigs throughout the islands, becoming one of the more influential groups in terms of musical direction. The Generals have played in the most prestigious establishments in the country and along side some of the greatest talent in the country.

With their forthcoming EP, the Generals will be making the moves to become a Caribbean wide phenomenon and have their eyes set on gigs in the US and Europe, where the band already has an underground following.

The Generals are:

Darren Pierre (Vocals and Guitar)

Keshav Singh (Vocals and Keys)

Brian “pus” McMeo (Vocals and Vibes)

Shyamal Chandradathsingh (Bass)

Jonathan Otway (Drums)

The members of the band have significant years worth of experience playing both in Trinidad and internationally. Here is what the Generals have to say about themselves:

“We love to play music. We’ll let the music speak for itself, so come see us when we play. We have put a lot of work into developing and perfecting our unique style over the past few years. We are always available to play shows, so contact us if you’d like us to play.

Here’s what the media has to say:

“The Generals took the stage next, and jumped into a medley of songs ranging in style from rock to ska to reggae. They battled some microphone failure during the middle of their set, but dealt with it professionally and managed to pull off a nearly flawless performance. Apart from their well-known songs, “Conditioned to be Free”, “I’m Sorry” and “Leave it to me”, the band premiered a song entitled “In The End” which featured mainly Pus, the resident “chanter-man” on vocals. A band known for crossing genres with their wide range of styles had people dancing to reggae one minute and taking in a wailing guitar the next. The band is currently in the studio working on an EP, which supporters can look forward to very soon.” – Trinidad and Tobago Newsday, 3rd June 2007

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