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Djinn Biography

The initial conception of Djinn started when guitarist Vaughn Traboulay reunited with drummer Randell Singh at a GSD show in 2016 whom he had played with in a short lived band 10 years prior. They both expressed interest in getting back into the local rock/metal scene and started working on some tracks that Vaughn had recorded demos of. This continued from December 2016 to May 2017, primarily focusing on Mastodon and Lamb of God inspired songs. However when bassist Shane Chung and guitarist Tristan Farfan joined the group in May 2017 the group quickly realized that they all possessed a passion for modern, progressive/djent played on extended range instruments. With some 8-string guitar based demos already recorded, focus of was shifted to that material. Band chemistry flourished in this direction and soon all members were having active input into each song.

Djinn’s sound is a blend of very rhythmic low-tuned riffs broken up by beautiful melodic sections and song structures that are a far cry from the typical verse-chorus-bridge format. This style of writing allows the music to speak for itself and take on a journey without the need for vocals. That’s right. Djinn is a completely instrumental band.

With influences spanning Djent, Progressive Metal, Death Metal, Nu Metal and even some good old Classic Rock, Djinn aims to take the listener on a ride with each song and will limit themselves.

Djinn is:

Shane Chung – Bass

Randell Singh – Drums

Tristan Farfan – Guitar

Vaughn Traboulay – Guitar


Agency Vaughn Traboulay (Manager)

Phone (868) 748-9911

Email djinn.theband@gmail.com

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