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Energy Projected In Total Artistic Progressive Harmony is the essence of the progressive rock group E.P.I.T.A.P.H.

Founded by bassist / vocalist and mainstay Naim Abdool in 1995, this three-man band has been on the rock scene for about 14 years, until their hiatus in 2009 to 2015. E.P.I.T.A.P.H., however, continues to write, produce and record their own music. Their style is unlike most other rock bands in Trinidad and Tobago, neither drifting towards Reggae nor Heavy / Death Metal.

E.P.I.T.A.P.H., despite being referred to as “underdogs” in the rock circle, have time and time again, shown that they all about music. Heavily influenced by bands such as, Rush, Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Journey, Dio and many more, E.P.I.T.A.P.H. has always tried to make their music enjoyable, yet complicated and challenging.

E.P.I.T.A.P.H. boasts several achievements such as:

  • Guitarist Shiva Seebaransingh placing 2nd at Guitar Wars 2001
  • First ever Non-Cover rock band to enter and reach the finals of the Anchorage Pop Music Awards
  • First ever three member rock band (minimum allowed) to enter and reach the finals of the Anchorage Pop Music Awards
  • Battle of the Bands 2005 at Bravo Bravo:
    • Best Guitarist – Reynaldo Ramai
    • Best Drummer – Rion Ramkalwan
    • Best Overall Musician – Naim Abdool

Unfortunately, E.P.I.T.A.P.H. was disqualified from the competition for exceeding the time limit.

E.P.I.T.A.P.H. has a library of over 20 songs, 5 of which have been recorded as demos. Overwhelming support from many die-hard rockers may see the dream of E.P.I.T.A.P.H.’s first album coming to reality and bearing fruit for this long-standing, persevering band.

In 2009, E.P.I.T.A.P.H. was left, once again, without a guitarist. The search for a competent and suitable guitarist took a longer time than expected. This left the band off the rock scene for approximately 7 years.

E.P.I.T.A.P.H. is currently in the studio recording their latest single “Voices”. In November of this year, they intend to re-enter the local rock scene with their new guitarist David Rambaran at Frost Fest 2016.

Band History:

NAIM ABDOOL: Bassist / Vocalist / Songwriter – 1995 – present 

RON MAHABALSINGH: Drummer – 2000 – 2004; 2006 – present

DAVID RAMBARAN: Guitarist – 2016 – present


Anil Maharaj – Lead / Rhythm Guitarist – 1995

Avisha Maharaj – Drummer – 1995 – 2000

Shiva Seebaransingh – Lead / Rhythm Guitarist – 1995 – 2003

Jonathan Silochan – Lead / Rhythm Guitarist – 2003-2005

Rion Ramakalwan – Drummer – 2005 – 2006

Reynaldo Ramai: Lead / Rhythm Guitarist / Keyboards – 2005 – 2009


Agency Naim Abdool

Phone (868) 349-7483

Email abdoolnaim@gmail.com

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