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We are a band that hails from the Southland, originally founded by Shane Harry and Reginald Rajpaulsingh. After gigging with various bands together both Shane and Reginald thought that something was missing and “ReQuieM” was conceptualized. 

This was born into fruition when we procured a drum kit (2 weeks later), which was as a result of a clandestine operation whereby it was stolen from a certain school in which we jammed in a lot. With this new found, used, recycled and stolen drum kit we included fellow musician and personal friend Raynell Ramdin to fondle this relic of a drum kit and Mr. Sasha Rampersad was asked to play bass, to which he humbly obliged.

This started a new era in our musical lives and “ReQuieM” was formed. We practiced for a few weeks and at that point we decided that a rhythm guitarist would add some more body to the music and thus began the journey of Jerome De Gannes. After playing for about 2 years, some shows better than others, the band grew musically as we found our groove having written and performed quite a number of original songs. During which time we were fortunate enough to build a proper band room, and purchase proper instruments.

Dark Days were upon us when Raynell left to peruse life and Sasha went on to conquer the co-operate world in 2008 leaving rest of us without sight of a future. Just as we were on the verge of giving up hope, entered…. Kelan Graham (Kelo G the Energy) who came in picked up his drum sticks, Jerome strapped on the bass which in turn saved the band from an imminent premature disbanding. Kelos’ style was a key element towards shaping “ReQuieM’s” now identifiable sound and his involvement was most instrumental in the successes we experienced in the two years that followed (2009 and 2010)

The rest as they say is history. We are now well into our 11th year as of 2017 and all is right in our world once again. After a 4 year hiatus, a 4 track demo, some amateur recordings, 4 drummers (very Spinal Tap of us) and the loss of some friends along the way we finally reemerged onto the local scene in 2014 and has been jamming ever since. No, we still don’t have any record deals, and we still don’t get paid as much as we like!!! But we are a group, a group of friends, that come together and create music that we like and we hope to pick up a few fans along the way.

Current Lineup:

Reginald Rajpaulsingh – Lead Vocals/ Song Writer/ Health & Safety/ EMO Guy.

Shane Harry – Lead Guitars/ Back Up Vocals/Pole Dancing/ Hairy Guy .

Angelo Pajotte – Bass Guitars/ P-90x Guy/ Probably gonna Take You Out on Stage Guy/ Jello.

Peter Lord – Drums/ Drum Lord/ Band Whore (Pays Royalties to Jello)


Agency Reginal Rajpaulsingh

Phone (868) 746-1951

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