Fever Dog

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Fever Dog existed 2003-05 and was most well-known for the raw and powerful classic rock sound forged by Kiwan’s blistering guitars and arrangements, enforced by a concrete solid yet groovy rhythm section in Jerome and Stuart and topped with the high octane, paint-peeling, 4 octave range of Devin’s vocals.

Fever Dog was the brainchild of Kiwan Landreth-Smith and Jerome Girdharrie. In the wake of the breakup of their former band ‘Gregory’s Dream’ they set out to assemble a new group that would soon become a dominating force.

Though many songs had many songs written and performed, only two have been recorded. The line up included Kiwan Landreth-Smith on guitar, Jerome Girdharrie on bass, Stuart Gillezeau on drums and Devin Harry Paul on vocals.

Other well-respected musicians have passed through the ranks of Fever Dog for short periods including bassist Peter Noel, drummers Rene Coryat and the Late Andrew Moffat.

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