GSD Mixtape Vol 3

Out on: GSD Records



Shadow Scope

Dance to My Pain

Mixveg Tapeworm

In My Mind

MAD Jean




Already Used

White Owl

Half of Us

Tidal Wave

Another Way

Take a Walk (On the Outside)



Murphy's Law

Love on a String

Slight Pepper

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Mixtape Vol 3 features musicians from multiple genres and generations. Here is the full track list and roster!

  1. Sludge by Shadow Scope – Jose Hosein (Vocals), Aaron Lowchewtung (Guitar), Anthony Borde (Bass/Vocals), Vincent Gabriel (Drums).
  2. Dance to My Pain by Mixveg Tapeworm – Bryan Khan (Vocals, Guitar, Programming, Keys), Tahseen Nathaniel (Bass, Keys, Vocals), Remix E Ryder (Vocals), Frost Blaze (Vocals)
  3. In My Mind by MAD Jean – Narisha Khan (Vocals), Enginear (Vocals), Donny Bartoo (Vocals), Andrew Hosein (Guitar), Maarten Manmohan (Guitar), Joanna Husain (Bass), Avery Herallal (Drums)
  4. King by futureOff – Chad Affonso (Vocals, Percussion), Sterling Quan Soon (Guitar, Bass, Programming, Keys), Vinny Persad (Guitar), Stephen Yeng Chong (Drums)
  5. Haunting by Already Used – Gillian Moor (Vocals), Damir Ali (Guitar), Marc Grainger (Bass), Steven Blanc (Percussion)
  6. White Owl by Half of Us – Michael De Souza (Vocals), Kazim Daniel (Guitar), Phillipe Ramos (Guitar and Bass), Randel Singh (Drums)
  7. Tidal Wave by Another Way – Mark McClean (Vocals, Guitar), Shallun Sammy (Guitar), Videkh Persad (Bass), Dexter Banfield (Drums)
  8. Take a Walk on the Outside by SLACKAS – Elena Rojas (Vocals), Chris Jurawan (Guitar), Stanley Jennings (Bass), Arthur Ried (Drums), Adrian Kong (Sax)
  9. Happy by Murphy’s Law – Richard Butts (Vocals), Keron Namsoo (Guitar), Kristov Jagai (Guitar), Alan Tiah (Bass), Ameel Mohammed (Drums)
  10. Love on a String by Slight Pepper – Zachary de Lima (Vocals, Keys), Edward Monsterin (Guitar), Christopher Dopson (Guitar), Liam Devine (Bass), Jhonn Young (Drums, Vocals)


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