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Tie Dye Kitty is an Alt. Rock band based in Trinidad. Initially formed by Sean Young Wing in 2007 but disbanded after a handful of gigs, was later reformed with new members in 2015 with the veteran frontman at the helm. Sean enlisted the help of Marc Grainger on guitar, Orlando Pyle on Bass, Nicholai Assam on drums and Tamara Chatar on back up vocals and acoustic guitar, unfortunately after their fourth gig Tamara parted ways with the band and the band has since continued as a four piece.

In January of 2016 Tie Dye Kitty released their first single “Gods Gift of Annoyance” a tongue in cheek song about the terrible pick up lines men use in their efforts to pick up women. The song has been well received and gets regular air play on 95.1 FM’s show Total Local and to date has over 1000 views on youtube.


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