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About me and the song:

I have always loved making music but had never played music professionally until my 40’s, mostly playing for recreation, entertaining my kids and writing little bits which I recorded in my bedroom.
I have always worked in the oilfield service industry so I was never able to really commit to a band with my unpredictable rotation and distance away from everything. I did play guitar and record with Sean Bartholomew in his band “Vice” in 1996-97 but that ended when I left Trinidad to go to flight school in the UK coming back a year and a half later to begin working in Mayaro and raising a family

About 8 years ago, my marriage ended and I was in a bad place mentally and spiritually.
I wrote this song then as a means of coming to terms with myself and life in general.
It was initially played all on nylon string guitar as a folk styled ditty but as it developed, my rock and flamenco influences (I learned flamenco through my ex wife) started fusing together and of course the Trini flavour was added being heavily influenced by the local scene.
I left it alone (and all my other recordings) for a long time while I figured myself out.

I spent a lot of time working and exploring overseas including The Middle East, Africa and Asia and eventually found myself living on a small SCUBA-centric Island in Thailand during the economic collapse of 2015.
Besides teaching SCUBA, I began joining in Jam sessions at local bars and restaurants and getting involved with the local scene, as my confidence improved, I started moonlighting with a Thai pop band as a guitarist and occasional singer and then began playing the lounge/cafe scene solo as well.
When the energy industry picked up again, I got this new job in Saudi Arabia working 6 weeks on/off.
With my time off in Trini, I started craving the stage again and started the ‘Musicians Jam Central’ open mic nights in Chaguanas (my hometown) so I could have a chance to play again. It wasn’t very long before I started playing again with “The Anarchists” and soon after forming my own heavier band “Steampunk” playing mostly covers of 90’s alternative and grunge. The guys in the band are all old friends including Paul Amar, Sean Gabriel and Devin Harry-Paul
It was my recent interaction with the local scene that re-awakened my love for the local non-soca music scene and my desire to participate more.

Devin had been recording with his project “Red Wolf” at Blackbird Studios (Darrin Lalla) under the direction of Zach Carpenter and I hung out with them during part of the process. I was blown away by the quality of the studio and the skills of Zach and Darrin both as engineers but also as producers.
I’ve known Darrin since school days and he encouraged me to get my music recorded “before ah ded” and so the process began.
I had initially been writing a very heavy odd meter piece with Zach on Drums (coming soon) but he really wanted me to record The Silence first so we got cracking on that. I recorded the individual parts over 3 individual sessions over the course of a few months whenever I got back to Trinidad from Saudi, with Zach doing the initial “scratch” drum track but the more he listened to it, he insisted that we use Anthony Grant for the groove…I’m so glad we did.
Anthony laid down his track while I was away at work so I wasn’t there when it was done.
I later went back in to re-do the bass guitar track because Zach felt that it needed more “oomph!”
Devin was also in the studio that night and so he appears on the backing vocals as well as the wailing over the jam session at the end.

I listened and re-listened with Zach over several months and we tweaked the mix and arrangement until we have what you are hearing today.

I added the silly Jetsons spaceship sound on the end as a reminder to not take myself too seriously over this one song…lol


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