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Mixx is a five-person pop-rock band initially formed in 2012 to jam purely for our own enjoyment. Our name reflects our diverse nationalities, backgrounds and musical tastes. After having gigged in the popular concerts venues (Fiesta Plaza Toppers etc..) the band felt it was time to start expressing their own emotions in the form of their own music.

Mixx comprises:

Bridgette Serrao (Vocals):

Born and raised in Trinidad, Bridgette has had a passion for singing from a young age and has been a member of various choirs and musical productions over the years. An artist and mother of four, Bridgette has re-ignited her passion for singing as a member of Mixx.

Selwyn Bissoo (Bass & Vocals):

Selwyn played bass semi-professionally in the UK for nine years before returning to his native Trinidad. Selwyn is an electronics technician specializing in marine communications.

Marcel Van Reeken (Guitar):

An active drummer, guitarist and vocalist in his youth in Holland, Marcel returned to guitar after 29 years to join Mixx. Marcel is an executive in the food services industry.

Carlos Rojas (Drums):

A newcomer to the playing drums he trained under Rick Laban and comes highly recommended as a Drummer with an ear for creating

Nigel Baptiste (Keyboard):

Nigel is a well Known journey man musician. Nigel has been a part of the music scene since the days of the Majors. Nigel’s musical abilities have been in high demand over the years as a Bass player and a Keyboardist.

Mortimer Baptiste (Sound engineer & Coach):

Mort is an enthusiastic music consumer and former sound reproduction and electronics hobbyist. Over the years, he has worked with top local acts including Majors, Shandileer, Kalyan, Atlantik, Sunberg, Charlie’s Roots and Traffik. Mort also co-produces & manages the annual T&T Steelpan & Jazz Festival with emphasis and direct control of the Developmental Workshops for Young Musicians.


Agency Selwyn Bissoo (Manager)

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