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Marcos Mayers, is a Singer/Songwriter from Trinidad and Tobago, with a career that racks up 25 Years in the Local Music scene. From his early start with Peter Plummer’s Psykik, and as a Founding member of The New Dawn, he then launched his project, the Blues Rock band, Fried Blue Soul, along with Alfred Dookie. The band transition from Blues Rock to New Wave to Electronica, showed the diversity of sound in the unit. Along the way he has notched in various side projects including, the Beatles Influenced, William Shears and his solo works with Christian Dopson and Justin Lee. His latest project, Fade to Black, is a Desert Rock styled Band with American Guitarist Brian Bearg. He has worked with a variety of Trinidad’s top Musician in the genre. The List includes:- Kelly Mootilal, Denny Ablack, Mark Dopson, Arthur Reid, Roger Israel, Peter Shim, Owen Shade, Roger DeFreitas, Vanessa Aberdeen, Roger Salloum, Derron Ellies, Dawud Orr, and Wayne Plancharte. He is currently in the works of launching his new projects, Lazarus and The 45’s.

Song Credits:-

New Voodoo (Bearg)
My Misery (Dopson / Mayers)
Just Wanna Feel (Mayers)
Dare To Dream (Mayers / Dopson)
Live For Today (Mayers / Dopson)
Brake (Mayers)
Diamond (Dookie)
Through The Trees (Dookie)
River (Mayers)
Tomorrow (Mayers / Kublalsingh)
My Own Way (Dookie)
Blinded Love (Mayers)
Your Not The Only One (Mayers / Dookie)
Locust (Mayers)

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