Liberty Vandals

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Liberty Vandals was a band formed in 2007 by siblings Maarten and Amanda Manmohan and their close friends Rodell Warner and Omar Jourjos. Alex Benjamin joined as drummer soon after and the band launched in mid 2007. After a few months the band asked Alex to step down in favor of a drummer who’s stylistically fit better with the band. Richard Solis joined in August 2007 and continued with the band until its eventual transformation into Newthread in early 2008.

Liberty Vandals was one of the Boatshrimp Records Artist releasing songs on the Record Labels 2 sampler albums.

Liberty Vandals was

Omar Jourjos – Vocals

Rodell Warner – Guitar and Vocals

Maarten Manmohan – Guitar/Keys

Amanda Manmohan – Bass/Violin

Richard Solis – Drums/Guitar

Past – Alex Benjamin – Drums

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