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Lanyap has evolved over the years to emerge as one of the best original roots-rock-reggae bands in the Caribbean. The style is best described as ‘South Caribbean Fusion’. The music is a unique blend of rock and reggae that is indigenous to Trinidad and Tobago.

When asked about their completely different sound and style of music, they will admit that they never consciously decided on a style of music, they just play what they are, hence the reality of the music. As with any four individuals you take from Trinidad & Tobago, Lanyap consists of about seven different ethnic backgrounds, but represent only one, Trinbagonian 400%.

This deep, rich, diverse culture base is overly evident when listening to Lanyap’s music. From heavy reggae and calypso bass and drum sounds, amidst distorted rock guitars, to sweet melodic fairy tale like acoustic pieces with Santana like guitars. On top all of this, a vocal that is reminiscent of Bob Marley. The band’s sound has been described as Chili Peppers/ Bob Marley / Jack Johnson.


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