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Originating from Trinidad and Tobago, Klavium, consisting of brothers Kahdil and Dylan Beharry Singh, creates intense and raw thrash/heavy metal that represents a “Feeling of Life.” Previously known as Avatar, ‘the two man demolition band’ was renamed and rebranded as Klavium in the middle of 2016. They released their 4track EP entitled “Cursed’ back in November 2015 under the nameAvatar. The brothers will be launching their first album “No Metal No Life” in 2017. Klavium’s music have often drawn comparisons to other bands like Slayer, Metallica and Kreator. With the passion, attitude, and extraordinary talent, Klavium continues to create intense music and high energy performances.


Agency DillyAnn Beharry Singh

Phone 18683345268

Email manager@klavium.com

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