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High was begun as a solo project by songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Richard Howard. Originally hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, the musician emigrated to Canada where he joined and saw some success with the reggae/rock band Staylefish. The band garnered quite a following, releasing  four LPs and a music video as well as touring both Canada and the United States along with multiple stints on the Vans Warped Tour. After Staylefish’s dissolution, Howard became driven to create a sound that, while rooted in alternative rock, would include his varied other influences running the gamut from Pop and Reggae to Folk and Skate Punk. The result is a fiercely unique and original yet surprisingly catchy and memorable sound.


So what is High? High is a band, and that’s about as far as they’re willing to pigeonhole themselves. Equally at home adding a mandolin to their alternative-leaning sound as they are incorporating driving rock guitars and hints of multiple other genres, their intense live show and melodic songwriting strives to get you (and themselves) to do one thing. Rise above. Get Uplifted.


Get High.



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