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Coming from a heavy melodic background, Sil Isreal relates to the darker side of music that emphasizes on fusing melody, with chaotic, trippy, electronic elements and beats that creates his obscure sound. Having put out already one independent album, “Heir Perpet – escape artist” in 2007, It created quite a buzz in the local circuit. The sound was unique and new to the music scene of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. After Heir Perpet, …Sil decides to lock himself into a creative zone and begins to work…

Enter; Joel Beazer, Rock guitar player, prolific songwriter.

Joel has been in the music scene for the last decade; and has worked with some of the top local rock bands in Trinidad such as Alexes Machine, Astral Garden and has toured the US with Rock/Reggae band, Orange sky, he also played for many American acts both session and Live. And has his Rock n Roll band,The Fast Lane in England.

They say one cannot control destiny…..therefore…both Sil and Joel had no idea their paths would cross musically…

During a lost period, They both combine their musical influences to create a sound of its own.

Here is Gene Locust.


Phone (868) 287-9792

Email izraelsil@gmail.com

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