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Change is organic; it is inevitable; it is the harbinger of true chaos. As such, Downfall has evolved wholly over the past five years. Embracing its progressive metal roots while deviating out into diverse and obscure genres, thereby designing exciting and masterful fusions never before heard.


Downfall consists of co-founders Squares (lead guitar/vocals) and Luke Young Wing (bassist/vocals); Dave Gosyne (rhythm guitar) and Shaun Savage (drums/gatling gun noises/ancestral tribal chants).


Downfall has collaborated with artistes of differing tastes including Leedat (dancehall) and Colony (EDM). The band has also been featured twice in Club One New Releases, which has showcased talent across the Caribbean and Canada.


They are currently working on their first EP with Elemental Air Recording Studio, which is expected to be completed within 2018.


Agency Shaun Savage (Manager)

Phone (868) 304-0591

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