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Chaos Room Biography


Shane Nepaulsingh (lead vocals)

Sterling Quan Soon (guitar, vocals)

Kristen Cockburn (bass guitar, vocals)


Dexter Banfield (drums)

Nicholas Otway (drums)

Zach Carpenter (drums)

About Us:

With a sound as diverse as the twin island state from which they hail, Chaos Room tore into Trinidad and Tobago’s rock scene in 2005, with many asking where the band had been hiding.

The band’s journey can be traced to 2002 when vocalist, Shane and guitarist, Sterling were both coming out of musical endeavours that were no longer in line with their developing musical tastes. They realised their interests were similar and began to seek other musicians on the same path. Shane’s former bandmate Kristen was primarily a guitarist at the time, but embraced a new challenge by taking up bass guitar duties. Over the course of the next 2 years, several drummers would come and go but none would prove the right fit. It was not until mid-2004 that Zach Carpenter would complete the unit.

A year later the band debuted to positive reviews and quickly garnered a loyal following. After a year of gigging the band entered the studio to record an EP which was released in late 2006. The following year, Zach left the band to pursue his education overseas, but not before recommending his replacement. Nicholas Otway stepped in and proved to be exactly what the band needed to complete the material the band started writing with Zach. In between a steady stream of gigs, the band recorded over 50 hours of jams that would be whipped into a full album’s worth of new songs.

In 2009, Nicholas also decided to pursue studies abroad but not before recording the drum tracks for the next batch of songs. In 2010, Dexter Banfield joined the band and brought his powerful style to the band’s live shows. This iteration of the band was unfortunately short-lived and the band went into hiatus at the end of 2010, with the aim of focusing on the studio. The recording process has been fraught with ups and downs, starts and stops and a reimagining of old ideas. In the years since the hiatus, Sterling’s skills in the studio have caught up to the band’s sound and the album’s worth of material is again moving forward to completion, with him at the helm.

Musically, Chaos Room’s amalgamation of prog-rock, post-rock and post-hardcore styles appeals to listeners craving sonic emotional complexity. Inspirational highs soon meet brooding lows, while subdued calms are often shattered by periods of sheer intensity. Dynamically ranged lead vocals merge flawlessly with textured guitar work, while driving bass lines lend to drums that often explode to life at a drop of the needle.

Chaos Room aims to take both music aficionados and casual listeners alike on a musical journey – a journey whose path seemingly becomes more familiar with each encounter but whose destination will ultimately remain unrevealed.



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