Bound to Oblivion

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BOUND TO OBLIVON was formed in April 2015. When Joel, Daniel, Anil, Llyden and Keron decided to jam for the first time, they knew that it was the start of something worthwhile. The instant chemistry between the members was undeniable. BTO went on to play their debut show two months later, alongside LYNCHPiN, Goodnight Parliament, and other local bands.

BOUND TO OBLIVION’S sound is achieved through the use of down tuned, extended range instruments, coupled with some very groovy drumming from Daniel and incredible range of vocals from Joel. This results in an overall heavy yet melodic sound of the band.

Currently BTO is in the very early stages of recording their debut EP, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for all the updates!

For BTO, what it all comes down to, is the love of the music. The band hopes to achieve an immense following with the release of their EP. They hope that the fans will appreciate the music that they take such pride in creating.

Bound To Oblivion is:

Joel Leung Chee – Vocals
Keron Namsoo – Guitars
Llyden Debideen – Guitars
Anil Bessesar – Bass
Daniel Bessesar – Drums


Agency Keron Namsoo - Manager

Phone (868) 706-2732

Email bound.to.oblivion.official@gmail.com

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