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Beyond The Animus is a Progressive Deathcore band from Trinidad and Tobago Formed in 2016. The band has released two EPs (The Fallacy Of Sickness in September 2019 Produced by Sebastian Smith, and Who’s Laughing At Masks Now in April 2020 Produced by Donny Bartoo) The band’s sound takes the brutal sounds of Deathcore and blends it with the melodic and atmospheric elements from what some may refer to as “Djent”. As of Early 2020 The band is working hard on their debut album entitled “The Great Tribulation” with producer Sanjeev “Buck’ Bahadursingh the album tackles on the topic of mental illnesses and personal suffering due to everyone being in a very dark place personally and needed to let the negative energy out.

Beyond The Animus is:

Bradley Gras – (Vocals)

Donny Bartoo – (Lead Guitar, Vocals)

Johan Subeeksingh – (Rhythm Guitar)

Kester D’Arnaud – (Drums)




Phone Bradley-(868) 282-6366 Donovan-(868) 371-9697

Email beyondtheanimustnt@gmail.com

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