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Beyond The Animus is vocalist Donny Bartoo, guitarists Kristov Jagai and Antonio Pinheiro and drummer Steffan Bhagat. One of the standout features of Beyond The Animus is their ability to seamlessly blend different genres of music into their sound. Their music is a mix of heavy guitars, screaming/gentle vocals, pounding drums and cinematic/electronic flare. This is all held together by the band’s signature breakdowns. This combination creates an atmosphere that is both chaotic and controlled, with an intensity that is impossible to ignore. Beyond The Animus’ lyrics are also a highlight of their music. They address themes such as mental health, personal struggles, and social injustice, delivering powerful messages that resonate with audiences. The band’s passion for their music and the messages they convey is palpable, and this is evident in the emotion they bring to every performance. Despite being a relatively new band, Beyond The Animus has already gained a dedicated following in Trinidad and Tobago and has been recognized by international metal publications.




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