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Alexes Machine first started under the name Korre, pronounced “core”. The band started when guitarist Joel Beazer left death metal cover band Infernal Death due to the persuasion of drummer Daniel Sammy. It was Daniel’s idea to use both their talents to form an original force.
Both drummer and guitarist get together at what was then known of as the most popular rehearsal building in the Island, Kirpulanis Complex in El Socorro. Tribal Darkness rehearsed there as well. After having a few jams, Daniel then introduced Joel to Andy Rambarat (now of The Supernormal Band), as they needed a bass player and frontman.
Their first show was opening for the popular band Bleed at Infinity in UWI. It was Bleed‘s last show and Korre‘s first. The downtune alternative guitar tuning of Korre would change the local sound practically overnight.
After a few successful shows and small riots (yes), Alexes Machine (the name Korre was dropped for obvious reasons adding that all the band members had dreadlocks as well), would officially be born. The name was inspired by a character from a Stephen King novel.

Alexes Machine, had two (2) low budget releases and played enough shows to many mosh pits and stage diving fans. And in the space of six (6) to seven (7) years did their fair share of Guitar trashing, and Police out running, and made a definite dent in the Trinidad local rock scene. They were a great influence on many bands, and will never be forgotten.

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