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GSD Productions Mix tape Vol. 1


Sinners & Saints
Roti Riot
Waiting Room
Spoiler Alert
Baby Food
Moist Sprites
Project 7
I am the Cataylst
Like I Do
New Born Blue
The Right Choice For You = The Wrong Choice For Me
Now is the Time to Panic

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For this project, GSD Productions invited artists from different genres, different bands, and different generations to work together. Artists were put to work with people they had never worked with, and in some cases never met. Each band was to create one song, here is what those bands created, and this is just Volume. 1.

If any other artists hear this and want to be involved in Volume II, write to GSD Productions on Facebook or to marc@gsdproductionstt.com.

1. Sinners & Saints – Roti Riot

Logan Tang – Vocals, Johnathan Agoustini – Guitar, Jonathan Otway – Drums, Ryan Manoo – Bass, Jonathan Hussain – Solo

2. Waiting Room – Spoiler Alert

Jhonn Young – Vocals, Marc Grainger – Guitar, Dexter Banfield – Drums, Andrew Mc Intosh – Guitar and Pan, Maarten Manmohan – Bass

3. Baby Food – Moist Sprites

Jonathan Boos – Vocals, Nicholas Marsan – Vocals, Paul Amar – Guitar and Vocals, Jonathan Otway – Drums, Donovon Bartoo – Guitar, Sterling Quan Soon – Bass

4. Gasoline – Project 7

Chad Affonso – Vocals, Andrew Hosien – Guitar, Jared Singh – Drums, Brian Alvarez – Guitar, Marc Grainger – Bass

5. Variable – I am the Catalyst

Damion Phagoo – Vocals and Guitar, Jameon Thomas – Vocals, Bryan Khan – Vocals and Guitar, Dexter Banfiled – Drums, Peter Shim – Bass

6. Like I Do – New Born Blue

Michael Ross – Vocals, Jonathan Krogh – Guitar, Roger De Freitas – Guitar, Gary Thompson – Drums, Todd Goldfinger – Bass

Special Thanks to all those involved in the production

7. The Right Choice For You = The Wrong Choice For Me – Now is the Time to Panic

Cesco Emmanuel – Vocals and Guitar, Videkh Persad – Guitar, Kester D’Arnaud – Drums, Orlando Pyle – Bass