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Recession Session III wrap up…… Pics inside!!

What an amazing show!!! The vibe, the audience…THE BANDS… while we got off to a little late start, the night ran without a hitch. Our work isn’t done yet, we have a hours of video and audio footage to go through and edit so look out for the videos from the show soon… but for now take a look at some of the pics we got from that night. Be sure to come back as we will have more pics to add over the next few days!!!

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GSD Musicians Jam!

On Saturday 27th of August GSD Productions hosted our first official Jam. Our goal for these jams is to get more musicians aware of each other and hopefully not only strengthen our community but hopefully encourage more collaboration between musicians who may not ordinarily cross paths.

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GSD Productions strikes again!!! Recession Session III – The Return of INCERT COIN!!!!!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 20 years you would know the band Incert Coin as one of the premiere Hard Rock and Metal bands ever to have come out of Trinidad. After a far too long hiatus they are back with a new album and gigging again and GSD Productions is proud to be the ones to bring you their first official show with Recession Session III…. Supporting acts include Goodnight Parliament, Checklist and Upset The Order

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WHAT A SHOW… WHAT A LINE UP…. WHAT A NIGHT!!! LYNCHPiN really got together a great line up and GSD Productions was all to happy to assist with the production and stage management…

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LYNCHPiN Rig Rundown

Ever wonder how a guitarist or bassist get their sound, what gear they are using? You’re not alone! GSD Productions Marc Grainger met up with Lynchpin’s guitarist Gerard Ferreira and bassist Jiggy to go through their rigs..

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GSD productions Interviews Lynchpin

Upon Lynchpin’s triumphant return as the Wacken Caribbean Winners Jonathan Boos and Maarten Manmohan of GSD Productions sat down with them and discussed their experience in the competition and various other aspects of the band

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Recession Session II

Following up on the strength of our first event, Recession Session I, GSD Productions kept the momentum going with Recession Session II featuring new comers to the scene Fly By Night, veteran progressive rockers Spectral Vibes and the return of the Kin Sound System

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GSD productions First event Recession Session!

Our first event was nothing short of amazing, great bands, phenomenal turn out and of course… FREE DOUBLES!! This definitely set the tone for what should be expected at any GSD hosted event!

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