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Incert Coin Rig Rundown – Scott Johnstone

Incert Coin Rig Rundown – Scott Johnstone

GSD Productions’ Marc Grainger paid Incert Coin‘s guitarist and founding memeber Scott Johnstone a visit to discuss his guitar rig and how he gets his signature tone.

For Guitars Scott uses a combo of a Krogh Custom 8 String and a 90’s Ibanez RG 7620 7 String Guitar, his amp is a Krank Rev Jr 50 Watt head and matching 1×12 Cab or a Krogh Vertical 2×12 Cab(not shown) which he changes between depending on the venue. For Effects Scott uses a TC Electronic Poly Tune tuner, TC Electronics Sentry Noise Gate, TC Electronics Nova Drive, TC Electronics Nova System and a Boss FV-500 Volume/Expression pedal which he uses as an expression pedal to control the Nova System. Scott is currently one  of the few local guitarist utilising MIDI to control his rig, he does this via the TC Electronics Nova System which sends MIDI PC change messages to both his Nova Drive pedal and the Voodoo Labs Control Switcher which changes the channels on his amp. The TC Electronics Nova System also does all of Scott’s delays and modulation effects.

For more details check out the pics we took of his rig along with the two videos!


Amps and Effects



For more information on the gear Scott uses check out the manufacturer’s websites.

Krank Amps

TC Electronics

Boss Effects

Jonathan Krogh Guitars and Amplifiers

Ibanez Guitars



28 November 2016 Music Rig Rundown Video

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  1. Big J says:

    Excellent little vid there. Enjoyed this.

  2. Lore says:

    Great site. Just had a quick read.

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