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GSD YEAR II – Episode V: The Rebellion Grows

What a night and what a crazy mix of bands, Checklist kicking off the night doing an amazing unplugged set, Hail the Hatter and Vengeance Falls from Barbados melting faces with loud heavy metal guitars and Blood Red Clover with their hypnotic melodies and rhythms


9 October 2017 Concert Footage  Video Read more

GSD YEAR II – Episode IV: Rock & Roll Awakens

Our first show of our Year II concert series at our new home Club Fusion and what a great kick off to the series, all the bands performed amazingly and the venue looked awesome!!! Check out the videos and see for yourself!


8 June 2017 Concert Footage  Music  Video Read more


Check out our local boys LYNCHPiN (Click on the band name to hear their music) at last years WACKEN OPEN AIR 2016.

Congrats again boys, and good luck in Mexico at Focofest!!!!!


Click on “Read more” to see the video


26 March 2017 Music  Video Read more

Incert Coin Rig Rundown – Scott Johnstone

GSD Productions’ Marc Grainger paid Incert Coin‘s guitarist and founding memeber Scott Johnstone a visit to discuss his guitar rig and how he gets his signature tone.

28 November 2016 Music  Rig Rundown  Video Read more

Goodnight Parliament Interview

Here is our interview with Goodnight Parliament about their new album Shadow Puppet, and their plans to take over the world!!

12 October 2016 Interviews  Music  Video Read more

LYNCHPiN – The Wacken Experience (Teaser)

Today LYNCHPiN released the teaser for their documentary on their Wacken 2016 experience. This is going to be a film not to be missed by the local rock community. We look forward to the release of the full film! Below is the excerpt from their Facebook page, and the teaser trailer.

3 October 2016 Music  Video Read more

Recession Session III Video

Another successful Recession Session has come and gone and what GSD show would it be if we didn’t have footage… feast your eyes on the kick ass performances from the night!!!


20 September 2016 Music  Video Read more


WHAT A SHOW… WHAT A LINE UP…. WHAT A NIGHT!!! LYNCHPiN really got together a great line up and GSD Productions was all to happy to assist with the production and stage management…

22 August 2016 Music  Video Read more