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Spectral Vibes was formed in 2003. As youngsters in the local scene the band played the local circuit feverishly, developing their signature sound along the way. After years of dedication to the art of live performance, the band went on an indefinite hiatus in 2008. Fans were left with their only recorded single “Geet” which was featured on “Boatshrimp Records Sampler Vol. 2″, and has gone on to become an underground anthem. In 2015 the band reformed with renewed vigor and embarked on their island-wide “Obeah Tour”. 2016 saw the release of their debut full length album “Utishta”.

The Spectral sound is one which intricately blends genres such as alternative, metal and psychedelia with indigenous West Indian elements all within a progressive framework. The band seeks to broaden the horizons of the Trinbagonian artistic landscape as they continue to break down barriers and cross borders with their music.


Faraaz Abdool- Bass
Yadav “Cutter” Mohip- Vocals
Khalid Pahalwan- Drums
Sharad Mohip- Guitars


Email spectralvibes868@gmail.com

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